Construction… not us, but the road!

Many of you know that we’ve been under construction for what feels like forever. And we are so excited to have our building finished and looking beautiful. All that’s missing are the students.

You may also know that our street has always been dirt. We are the last dirt street between 24 and 25 Avenues, until you start going down into the barrio behind us. The dust has always been a bother… keeping things clean has been a hastle and when the wind whips up, you have to watch out or you’ll get a mouth full of fine road dirt.

But exciting news! The municipality is currently paving our road! It started with some trench digging, loud construction vehicles, and many men working the area. We aren’t sure on the time frame for the road, but the way they’re moving along, this thing could be done in a month! We’re more than excited to have not only our completed building, but also a paved road in front of it!