Carleton University!

We love having groups come visit us! Right now, 17 friends from Carleton University, in Ottawa Canada, are here to visit and learn and experience Guatemala with the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy. It’s just their 2nd full day with us, but already they have seen and fallen in love with the colonial capital, Antigua, and in Xela at the Ixkik Museum, we learned about traditional clothing and the incredible amount of symbolism and meaning inherent in these beautiful textiles.

Other events on the schedule include learning about the history of the school, gaining a deeper understanding of the popular education model we use at the Academy and seeing Salcaja, Aguas Amargas, Cantel and El Baul! It’s a jam packed schedule and we’re busy every minute! Are you interested in participating in edutourism at the Academy? If so, please let us know! We would love to have you here and create a unique and meaningful experience for you in Guatemala! Contact Volunteer Coordinator Malea Hetrick at if you’re interested!