Innovate for Impact!

Recently we welcomed a team of 4 from Northwestern’s Innovate for Impact Program. Jamie Jones led the group, which included Sumeeth Jonathan, Jason Hoover and Howard Lee. The team spent two weeks here at the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy, with the end goal of being able to leave some kind of module that the Academy could implement. The first week was spent observing and learning as much as possible about the school, the students and the community of Xela. Week 2 saw the construction and demonstrations of the modules. What they came up with was really great. They developed different aspects of the edutourism program, as well as presented a long term vision for how the school can become more self-sustainable. At the end of two weeks, we were happy to see that the group not only had ideas, but tangible ways to implement them. We look forward to working long term with this great group from Northwestern!

Some comments from the participants themselves:

I think the school is fantastic and its mission is something that every school should have. That’s why I am so excited to continue supporting and working with the school. I’m just really inspired by it. It’s amazing. –Jason Hoover

Jorge is a real visionary… you can really see his impact on the students and staff. I really enjoyed my time here and learned a lot. –Sumeeth Jonathan