Global Giving

Dear Friend,
Early unofficial summer greetings from Xela, Guatemala! Hopefully this message finds you happy and healthy as the summer gets underway. Here at the Colegio Miguel Asturias, we have had quite an eventful year impacting the lives of our 300 low-income indigenous students. At this time last year, we were well on our way to establishing the first community library in the region. Today, the library is nearly complete, and we are so happy at how excited our students have become over reading.

As one specific example, when asked what he liked to do for fun, nine-year-old Jorge responded, “I like playing soccer, but I also like going up to the library; I think I like them both equally.”

As you can see, placing a book in our students’ hands has gone a long way to foster a love of reading. However, the only way to further solidify this newfound habit is to keep their interest by offering new stories for them to enjoy. Thus, if you would like to help supply books and staff our library, we would be most appreciative.

Luckily, will be allowing us to further amplify this process by matching 30% of every donation that is made to our organization online on JUNE 15th, 2011, USING THIS AND ONLY THIS LINK:

Therefore, after all the administrative fees, your $10 donation magically turns into $13, which is just about enough to purchase one book for our library! Anyway, if you have ever felt the desire to help fight educational inequality in Guatemala, JUNE 15th would be a great opportunity to put that goal to fruition!