Inspiring Hope: One Story at a Time

Inspiring Hope

Librarians without Borders is currently promoting the book Inspiring Hope: One Story at a Time. This book is a compilation of 75 stories focused around the question “What gives you hope?” Two stories featured in this book are about the Miguel Angel Asturias Library, one by a Librarians Without Borders volunteer Samhita Gupta on her volunteer experience in 2011 and the other by Valli Fraser-Celin who was involved in starting the Asturias Library project in 2010.


All net proceeds from this book will go to support the library program, focused especially on the hiring of library staff and extending the book collection.

Excerpt from the description on

“These are stories of hope. For example, a California mother (and part-time lawyer) shares her heartfelt story about raising an autistic child and how that experience brought fulfillment, love and gratitude. A teacher in Dubai describes how her bucket-list adventures opened up fascinating opportunities to learn and discover. A New Brunswick maritimer explains why his secret to a happy marriage is a pair of rocking chairs and two good quilts. A retirement coach from the United Kingdom explores a common question facing retirees: What will I do with the rest of my life? A sixteen-year-old student in Tokyo rallies people to provide aid to a small fishing village affected by the Tohoku Earthquake disaster. And, a South African-born artist describes a disconcerting experience walking along Beggar’s Road in India as the impoverished hopefuls line a dirt road for three kilometres—waiting for the generosity of strangers.

The stories are as varied and far-reaching as life itself. They stir the imagination, summon your courage and invite reflection. They speak to your inner voice. They inspire hope. Few things are more essential to living a fulfilling life than hope. Hope creates engagement, positive behavior and resilience. Hope gives you the strength to face any challenge that life puts before you. Yet, in today’s world, it’s a life-sustaining resource in short supply. Inspiring Hope: One Story at a Time is the kind of book you’ll want to read and re-read, first for your favorite stories and then to discover new ones. It is a book to be shared and cherished.”

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