Sponsor a Student

The Academy, recently ranked in the top 10% of Guatemalan schools, offers a unique alternative to an expensive private education or the over-crowded and under-funded public schools in the region. The Academy offers all of its students a highly subsidized tuition, made possible by generous contributions, and over 40% of its students receive full scholarships, offering them a chance at a quality education that they could otherwise not afford.

Student Stories:
Our former student Heidi is the first person in her family to graduate high school and one of our full scholarship students. Because she is a girl, her family constantly told her that she would not finish school and that if she failed one class she would have to drop out and work. However, against all odds she graduated in computer maintenance and repair and is now working in a non-profit. Using the skills she learned in our technical education program she’s supporting herself through college, and dreams of being a psychiatrist.

$30/month = Sponsors a student for one month
$120/month = Sponsors a student for one academic quarter
$360/month = Sponsors a student for one year