Sponsor a Teacher

Paying fair wages to our teachers is not just about standing by popular education pedagogy, but about making an investment in the educators, who invest themselves daily in our classrooms. Fair salaries allow our teachers to put time into preparing classes, incorporate our generative themes in new and creative ways, and buy supplies as they see fit.

For example our pre-school Teacher Diana incorporated the generative theme ‘rights of the child’ by leading her class in a theatre game where students acted out what they saw as rights every child should have in a tableau. Our high school teachers have helped their students collect found or ‘trash’ items to make waste baskets and led a trip to re-plant trees in a nearby forest!

  • $50/month = Supports the 3rd grade teacher for one week.
  • $200/month = Supports the 5th grade teacher for one month.
  • $250/month = Supports our vice principal for one month.