Technical Education Program

The Asturias Academy’s Technical Education Program allows our high school students to earn training certificates in Computer and electrical maintenance and repair, carpentry, Mayan weaving, and education. Moreover the Technical Education Program:

  • Allows students to earn a certificate and high school diploma simultaneously
  • Trains students to compete for formal sector jobs
  • Equalizes technical learning for our female students
  • Empowers our students to emerge as leaders
  • Allows students to pursue higher education from the profits of skills based jobs

The successes our students who have participated in our training program speak for themselves:

Jose is 17 and has lived by himself for two years in Xela. His family lives an hour and a half where they cut wood from forests on a nearby mountain to earn their living. He is currently studying to be an industrial electrician and dreams of becoming an industrial engineer. The skills he is acquiring at the academy will mean that instead of working for less than $2 a day cutting wood he’ll be able to earn a livable wage as an electrician, putting him that much closer to achieving his dreams.

Another of our former students Hector is an orphan. In most cases being an orphan would have meant that he would have to work selling bags on the street or become an assistant with little rights. Instead, with a full scholarship, Hector was able to get training in carpentry and is now skilled enough to build all the doors and window sills for our third floor construction.


  • $25/month = Sponsors a tech ed enrichment workshop
  • $50/month = Sponsors the tech ed teacher for one week.
  • $200/month = Sponsors the tech ed teacher for one month


  • Computers and Computer Parts
  • Web Cameras
  • Projectors
  • Training Materials, Manuals, Workbooks, Guides to Projects
  • Weaving materials (thread, loom, etc)
  • Carpentry Tools
  • Dry Erase Markers