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Up against what some people call impossible odds, the Asturias Academy stands proudly on the side of Guatemala’s children.

Skeptics said we could not get government approval.  We got it.

They said we could not operate while offering scholarships to our students.  We are still here.

They said we would fail in the battles against poverty, violence, racism and sexism.  Our children are leading the fight for a better future.

Now, some people say that we can’t turn our one school into a nationwide network of many schools.  We say “yes we can.”

This school is about building a different kind of education. We teach math AND leadership.  Science AND social justice.  We expect our students to be the leaders of tomorrow AND the leaders of today.  The Asturias Academy wants to use education to improve the lives of Guatemalans, but to do that we must ensure that our schools are well-funded so that tuition can be as cheap as possible.  We need partners to make this dream a reality.

That starts with you. Make your donation using this secure form.