Eduturismo FAQ

Q: What size groups does the Asturias Academy receive?
A: We’ll take any group between 6 to 40 people.
Q: Do groups all need to be from the same institution?
A: No, groups can be any collection of people traveling together.
Q: Where will we fly into?
A: Groups should fly into Guatemala City.
Q: How is transportation arranged?
A: Safe, private transportation is arranged on your behalf by Asturias Staff.
Q: How long does it take to get to The Asturias Academy from Guatemala City?
A: It’s a three to four hour trip depending on traffic.
Q: Where will we sleep?
A: We have two partner hotels: a hostel in the center of town and a retreat center near the school.  Groups will decide between the two.  Both are safe, have doormen, and lock their doors at night.
Q: Is the food safe to eat?  Is the water safe to drink?
A: Absolutely! We will only be eating in places that wash their vegetables, use safe meat
and purified water.  We have purified water on-site at Asturias for folks to refill their water bottles.
Q: What kind of volunteer project will we be doing?
A: Our needs change depending on the time of year, but past groups have painted walls & murals, helped in our library, taught English, given health/healthy living talks, organized sports games and done art projects.  We are open to receiving all kinds of proposals.
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