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Students and others frequently feel a call to do work in the world to support movements for a better world.  Guatemala, recovering from a 36-year civil war and the devastation of Hurricane Stan is in need of outside groups that can be allies for the people who live there.  By taking a service trip to Guatemala your group can be a vital lifeline to the Guatemalan people and work for justice in Central America.




The Asturias Academy has a fourteen year track record of being in partnership with universities as well as other groups in the US.  We currently have relationships with groups in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Illinois & DC.  We know how to organize relationships that have elements of exchanging letters, service learning trips to Guatemala and delegations to visit your group on our annual speaking tour.




We would tailor the trip to meet your expectations.  Past groups have done activities such as visiting local NGOs, dinners at the Academy with staff, service projects at the school, classroom observation and teaching of classes.  If there are ideas you have, please let us know.


In free time we could visit Lake Atitlan, the Pacific Ocean, climb a volcano and/or visit a hot spring.  There will also be plenty of time for a night out on the town, dancing (learn to salsa dance!), or other cultural exchanges.




Like all cities, Quetzaltenango has parts that should be avoided—especially by travelers.  We make sure to only visit safe parts and use reliable transportation in order to ensure safety.  In all of our years of partnership we have never had any crime-related incident.  Our attention to detail and knowledge of the community will keep your group safe.  The retreat center or hostel (depending on group preference) that we use is secure and comfortable.



As far as illness goes, by taking basic precautions you can ensure that your group stays healthy.  Through hand washing, avoiding certain foods and tap water, and avoiding contact with animals you should be able to keep healthy.  No shots or medications are necessary to visit Quetzaltenango.  No travel visas or special documents are necessary either.


The Asturias Academy has a long history of partnering with schools, colleges and universities whose students want to support us in our struggle for education and human rights in Guatemala.  If you are interested in leading a club, class or group of friends from your school down to Quetzaltenango during any of your breaks please let us know.

 Please reach out to us with your name, group/institution affiliation, volunteer interests, and PROPOSED DATES at look forward to hearing from you!