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Support Our Work

Because we will never deny a student access to education based on their ability to pay, tuition covers less than half of our costs. There are always more students worthy of scholarship support than we have the resources to admit. Support from our international network of partner organizations and individuals keeps us going, and we need your help!

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We rely on donations, financial and in-kind, every single day. Please consider helping to sustain our crucial work!

We are very proud of our library, a recent addition that is open to the community. Please help us improve it!


We offer a newly-expanded health and dental clinic to our entire community. Many students and their families do not have access to health care services, and healthy students participate more fully in the learning process.

We have special programs that teach our students to maintain their health and equip them with technical skills.

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Volunteers are also a crucial part of our operations, both those in Guatemala and elsewhere. There are countlesss ways to support our work through volunteerism, so find the one for you!

Not convinced? Learn more about challenges in Guatemala and why our work matters.

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